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Everything is Connected: Autism, Schizophrenia, Depression, Mania, Bipolar Disorder, Politics and the World

                    Schizophrenia Bipolar Facts

Did you know that British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill heard voices in his head and was diagnosed by psychiatrists as being bi-polar? And did you know that during World War II, Churchill's "voices" would tell him to "sit here" or "sit there?" (Funk & Wagnalls Encyclopedia, 1990, "Hallucinations.")

Did you know that Biblical Prophets heard voices that instructed them to eat food stenched with human manure, such as Ezekiel? (Ezk. 4:12-15) And did you know that some of them see dead people and horrible monsters, such as Daniel, Ezekiel and John? (Dan. 7; Ezk. 1, 37; Rev. 13,9)

Did you know that Jesus heard demonic voices that instructed him to climb the roof of the temple and to jump from there? (Luke 4:9, Matt. 4:5-6)

Did you know that Socrates heard inner voices, walked barefoot, and had frequent catatonic episodes? And did you know that he called his "voices" the "Daemon?" (Plato's Symposium, The Republic, Apology, and Phaedrus)

Did you know that some Nobel-prize scientists and mathematicians such as John Forbes Nash are schizophrenics?

Have you heard about Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass? Did you know that many hebephrenic schizophrenics like to use incoherent word-play as a word game?

Did you know that Warner Bros. Looney-Tune Characters such as Tweety and Bugs Bunny express two of the major types of schizophrenia? Tweety would typically say, "I tawt I saw a puddy tat...I did! I did! I did saw a puddy tat! (Characterizing paranoid schizophrenia) And Bugs would usually make childish funny faces, remarking, "Eh...What's up DOC?" (Typifying hebephrenic or disorganized schizophrenia)

                       Facts You Should Know

Did you know that psychiatrists such as William Sargant say that "Jesus Christ might simply have returned to his carpentry following the use of modern treatments."

Did you know that other psychiatrists such as Dr. William Hirsch agrees with that conclusion, adding other remarks about Jesus, saying, "everything that we know about him conforms so perfectly to the clinical picture of paranoia that it is hardly conceivable that people can even question the accuracy of the diagnosis."

Did you know that Charles Binet-Sangle said in his book, La Folie de Jesus, that "In short, the nature of the hallucinations of Jesus, as they are described in the orthodox Gospels, permits us to conclude that the founder of the Christian religion was afflicted with religious paranoia."

Did you know that saints such as St. Joan of Arc and St. Francis of Assisi also heard multiple voices in their heads? And did you know that the Church originally attacked them for demon possession?

Did you know that Jesus Christ was also accused by the clergymen and people of his time as being demon-possessed? (Mark 3:21-22; John 7:20, 8:52) And did you know that Jesus' family members despised him? (John 7:5; Luke 8:19-21; Mark 3:31-34; Matt 12:46-50)

Did you know that some people think that schizophrenia is a form of spirit possession, or a close encounter of the third kind, or even a mystical channel to the paranormal world?

                      Schizophrenia Revealed

Did you know that schizophrenia means "split mind?" Since most psychiatrists don't believe in God, this term refers to those who believe in the supernatural (e.g., angels, demons, God, etc.), which most psychiatrists call "fantastic hallucinations." Hence, they believe that those who cannot distinguish "fantasy" from "reality" have "split minds."

Did you know that there are several types of "schizophrenia?" 75% of those called as "schizophrenics" hear "voices," and some also see "visions." But the remaining 25%, who have no "voices" or "visions" are still called "schizophrenic" by traditional psychiatrists.

Did you know that psychiatrist E. Torrey describes these "voices" as "voices that command you to kill yourself, voices from outer space, two voices carrying on a conversation, even the voice of God."

Did you know that 1 out of every 100 people in the U.S.A is called a "schizophrenic?"

Did you know that schizophrenics can be bipolar (manic-depressive) at the same time, and vice-versa?